Jimmy's show-No, really, it IS Jimmy's show!


Jimmy Fingers’ show is one of the most original, unique acts anywhere — all original magic and comedy! First, Jimmy’s silent act set to music. Next, a yo-yo routine that warms them up. More visual magic, and then psychic phenomena: Jimmy avoids an audience’s choice of inverted Styrofoam cups over dangerously sharp, upwardly pointed knives. The interaction continues as Jimmy invites the honoree to put his hand into Jimmy’s “Choppo.”

Jimmy gets even more direct and impossible by reading the thoughts and dreams of your attendees, and then predicting exactly what the audience members will do... He assures that they are only tricks. Jimmy never uses preshow collection of information or confederate audience members in his performances. These are real-time exhibitions of live entertainment miracles!

Finally, his critically acclaimed invention, the Magellan Master Levitation. Jimmy literally levitates in mid-air. They see it, they believe it, they remember it! Jimmy is known as one of the most original, creative thinkers in the art of magic... it’s an act that must be seen live to believe. Let your group experience the excitement and mystery of one of the greatest magical wonders of the world — Jimmy Fingers!

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